Can Hypnotherapy Help You?

Can Hypnotherapy Help You?

Do you have a chronic health condition?

Are you struggling to cope with stress, anxiety or low mood?

Do you lack self confidence or struggle with low self esteem?

Do you think negatively, doubt yourself or get lost in worried thoughts?

Are you feeing stuck or lost in life?

Are you a perfectionist driving yourself with overly high expectations?

Do you find it hard to relax yet feel exhausted or overwhelmed?

Do you have problems getting to sleep or you do wake in the night?

Are fears or phobias affecting your life?

If you answered YES to any of these questions then Hypnotherapy can help you.

When in a relaxed state of hypnosis the mind is open and ready to receive positive suggestions to effect change. Hypnotherapy can help you to manage stress levels effectively, and help you to feel more calm, relaxed and focused in your daily life. Hypnotherapy can help you overcome fears and anxieties and learned behaviours that are often habitual and unconscious. It helps you to gain a deeper understanding of yourself and your health issues. By increasing self awareness and reframing and refocusing your perspective, you can leave behind old, unhelpful behaviour patterns giving space to create better ones.The neuroplasticity of our brain, enables us to learn healthier habits and behaviours and creates new neuralpathways, that 'recode' the way we respond to stimuli. 

Whatever your issue, a course of hypnotherapy will leave you feeling happier, healthier and with an increased sense of wellbeing. 

With no adverse side effects hypnotherapy can be used as a safe complimentary treatment to your current health care routine or as an alternative treatment for your wellness needs.

Luanne is a caring and trustworthy health professional, working with women to improve both their physical and mental health and wellness. With over 24 yrs experience working in the NHS, she is fully insured and registered with two professional bodies (HCPC, GHSC). 

Take the first step today and book an appointment to consult about your issue. Meet at the calm and comfortable treatment space at Highgrove House, Truro, for a friendly chat (there's always a cup of tea on offer!) and we can work together to create the changes you need.

Online consultations and therapy are also available on request.

Warmest wishes Luanne Wordley