6 - 8 sessions

6 - 8 sessions

For more in depth problems, it is recommended that 6 - 8 sessions are attended to really embed the changes and get to the core of the issue. 

Hypnotherapy is most effective the more times the positive suggestions are reinforced. A course of consecutive hypnotherapy sessions, can allow new ways of thinking and perceiving to really embed and have lasting effect. 

During your course of sessions you may be taught relaxation techniques, grounding exercises or breathing techniques and given worksheets to take home to encourage self discovery. You will also be provided with an mp3 recording of your session to continue the hypnotherapy whilst listening in your own time between sessions.

You need to be ready to make the commitment to yourself, to embrace the change process. During our course together, you will get the best results by really opening yourself up to the learning process, by sharing your thoughts and feelings honestly, by doing the really helpful and thought provoking work sheets and listening to the hypnosis recordings frequently.

6 hours

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