Getting better Sleep.

Getting better Sleep.

Hypnotherapy can help your sleep issues.

Quality sleep is essential to good physical and mental health. Waking up in the night means getting less recuperative slow wave sleep. Worrying about sleep of course makes it worse. You may notice the more you try to sleep the further you drive sleep away!

Most of us wake at some point in the night, during the lighter phases of our natural sleep cycles. Normally though, we don’t become fully conscious at this stage and we don’t have any recollection of waking the next morning. Waking in the night for some however, can easily become a habit when your unconscious mind and body come to expect it and worse, worry about it. 

Hypnotherapy can train your subconscious mind in relaxation techniques that help the body and mind to relax. The experience gives you the ability to be able to switch off worry and simply drift off to sleep. The mind eventually will just stop bothering to wake up so you begin to naturally sleep through again.

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