How It Works

How It Works

Under hypnosis our normally alert, conscious mind becomes dissociated from the unconscious mind by being induced into a state of relaxed comfort and calm. Whilst focused and absorbed in the journey of words from your hypnotherapist, you automatically drift and become detached from the reactive, analytical part of the brain. Its very similar to when you become lost in a good book or movie and you lose awareness of your surroundings or any thoughts about present circumstances. In this state, the subconscious mind is able to listen to the hypnotherapists suggestions without interference from your busy brain!

It is in the subconscious mind where learned thought patterns and fear based behaviours and responses are developed. Words and imaginative imagery can influence your perception whilst in a safe and positive emotional state. It is possible, for example, to remove the fear and the threat of pain, by perceiving the feeling of being safe and calm during the situation of discomfort. 

Hypnotherapy can improve mind-body coherence by teaching the brain to let go of learned fears and anxieties and to instead relax, breathe and remain calm. By changing the lens that clients view their issues through, clients can look at and deal with them from a distanced and more positive perspective. A perspective that could not be imagined consciously. Reducing the associated worries and anxieties of a problem, goes a long way towards reducing their intensity and effect upon a person. Over time, a course of hypnotherapy sessions can really help clients to manage how they feel about or react to stressors in their daily lives.

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