Stress & Anxiety

Stress & Anxiety

Excessive anxiety and negative thinking can become a habit. Its not something you were born doing. Perhaps you picked it up from people around you when you were growing up. Perhaps you began thinking more anxious thoughts after certain events happened in your life. Hypnotherapy and NLP can help to train you to think more clearly and rationally. It helps to reframe your thought processes and any limiting beliefs and provides a different perspective on your problems, almost as if seeing things through more positive lenses. It can help you to slow down and take a step back during times of stress, instead of allowing your emotional responses to take over. Regular sessions can help to rewire your minds automatic behaviours, creating new neural pathways, so that you become more patient, relaxed and confident in stressful situations. You will learn to become far more 'self-aware' and will build a sense of inner calm, strength and emotional resilience.


With sessions to help with: 

* Overcoming Fear and Anxiety, 

* Generalised Anxiety, 

* Stopping Negative Thinking, 

* Developing A Quiet Mind

* Overwhelm or Burnout,

* Stress Management, 

* Work-life Balance, 

* Stop Thinking the Worst, 

* Breathing Techniques,

* Improving mood 

* Relaxing Hypnotic Massage

* Stop being Triggered

* Self Sabotage

* Intrusive Thoughts

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