Tension headaches / Neck and Shoulder Tension

Tension headaches / Neck and Shoulder Tension

⭐️ Hypnotherapy can help to release neck and shoulder tension and also help ease Tension Headaches.

⭐️ Many people find that over the course of the day, tension can accumulate in the body, commonly in the neck and shoulders. This can often trigger headaches, affect your ability to focus, sap your energy and leave you feeling excessively tired. Muscle tension can be caused by bad habits like poor posture, using the computer for long periods, not drinking enough water or having too much caffeine. It can also be caused or worsened by dealing with stress at work or in difficult areas of your life. It is also a common menopausal symptom.

⭐️ The mind and body influence each other all of the time. If you deeply relax the muscles of the body you’ll tend to feel calmer at an emotional level. When your thoughts are calmer, you’ll tend to experience more physical relaxation in your body.

⭐️Regular hypnosis sessions can strengthen the immune system, reduce and eliminate pain and inflammation in the body, accelerate healing, normalise blood pressure and improve mood.

⭐️ Hypnotherapy can help you to relax much more deeply and profoundly than by just willing yourself to relax. Regular doses of deep rest can lower your general stress levels and inhibit your body’s production of stress hormones. This will have a quick and lasting impact on those headaches.  

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