Reset Programme

Reset Programme

A transformative six week Hypnotherapy and Coaching Programme that dives deep into managing stress, anxiety, negative thinking and limiting beliefs. 

When we lead busy and stressful lives with exhausting routines, poor self care habits, lack of recuperative sleep or decent nutrition, it can, in the short term, cause tiredness, low energy and a reduced general wellbeing. Unchecked however, in the long term, it can lead to poor physical health, chronic conditions, mental health problems and eventual overwhelm or burn out.

Anxiety, stress and low mood and the associated thoughts and feelings, alert the brain to trigger a stress response; a physical cascade of hormones, known as the 'fight, flight or freeze response' so that a person may be primed and ready for action in the event of danger. The subconscious mind, scans like a radar on high alert, interpreting sensory input and heightened emotions, always responding to perceived threats, whether imagined or real. These alarm systems however, are designed to work over short periods of time and should go back to normal levels once a perceived danger has passed. Long term activation of the sympathetic nervous system means that stress hormones are circulating far too frequently and eventually will interfere with both our physical and mental health. Weight gain, hormone issues, gastric problems, a lowered immune system, nervous/anxiety symptoms, can all deplete the mind and body and impair its ability to function well and cope with the daily demands of life.


This programme will teach you about your physical response to stress and gives practical advice and solutions to help reset your window of tolerance to stress. You will learn ways to self-regulate and put on that natural brake to return you to a more restful and healing state. You will develop a calmer, more relaxed equilibrium by recognising when you are becoming reactive. You will have the tools and knowledge to fine tune and balance your nervous system and not let yourself become overly responsive to your feelings and emotions. With the exercises, tools and techniques you receive, and the personal hypnotherapy and coaching sessions, you will learn to become aware of your limiting thoughts, behaviours and negative self beliefs, that cause anxiety, worry, frustration, self doubt and low self esteem. With a changed perspective and conscious awareness you will become calmer, less reactive and better able to cope with daily stressors. The Reset Programme will help you to develop an inner foundation of trust and acceptance of yourself as you are, and to regain a natural confidence and self belief that brings renewed energy and vigour back to your life.

The course includes six individual, one on one sessions, that provide information handouts, useable tools, techniques and exercises, info graphics, videos and hypnosis audio recordings.

Subjects covered include:

  • Nervous System Dysregulation.
  • Avoiding Burnout.
  • Thought awareness.
  • Countering negative self-talk.
  • Breathing to reduce anxiety.
  • The power of Belief.
  • Self acceptance and Self worth.
  • Setting Boundaries.
  • Natural Confidence.
  • Heart-Brain coherence.


An initial 1 hour consultation is required to discuss your history and tailor the therapy to your specific needs. £ 20

6 In person sessions £350

6 Online sessions £320

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